Social Life


How the Austin Learning Centre FEELS

Here at the Austin Learning Centre you are not just a student – you are a part of our family.  We care how you feel and that you miss your family.  We remember your special moments and achievements and will celebrate them with you.   Birthdays, Independence Days and Christmas are all moments of celebration at ALC.

You will interact with Diplomatic personnel, Engineers, Lawyers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Interior Designers, Triathletes, Scholarship winners, Photographers and much more.  Our students are the cream of the crop in their specialized fields.

Where do ALC students come from?

Student Nationalities


While most of our students come from our neighbours Venezuela and Colombia, The Austin Learning Centre has also had many students from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Spain, Bolivia, Germany, Chile, Argentina, the Netherlands, Peru, Brazil, China, Panama and Poland.

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