Why Choose the Austin Learning Centre?

– Small Personalized Classes

The Austin Learning Centre has become synonymous with the term ‘quality education.’ Our priority is that each person has an equal opportunity to learn English as a Second Language at the rhythm that is best for them. We are able to offer such attention to each student as our classes are very small – each has 8 students or fewer.

–  Confidence and Complete Understanding

With such small, personalized classes the inter-relation between students and teacher is dynamic. Our students develop very high confidence levels when speaking, particularly because of the stress placed on the use of grammatically correct English.  This also ensures that our students write well.

– Rapid Application of New Skills

At the Austin Learning Centre you will quickly benefit from your new skills. Our personalized attention ensures that you can finish the whole ESL course (5 levels) within a year.

– Rolling Admission

Because the Austin Learning Centre is a very personalized institution we make a great effort to work around your times and schedules. Admission is open all year long except at Christmas time.