Guidelines & Procedures


Our students do the ALC examinations at the end of their final course. Our certificates are endorsed by the Ministry of Education, the Registrar General, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Q: What papers do I need to study at the ALC?


Student Permit: The Austin Learning Centre will aid the student to obtain permission to stay in the country to study English at our institute. Our agents will guide you with regard to the permissions needed for travel and once in Trinidad the Institute will assist with forms and procedures in order for you to obtain a valid student permit.

Q: How can I pay for my course?

A: We accept US dollars as well as Trinidad dollars. We also accept all major, international credit cards.

Q: How do I know which course level to start with?

A: We will arrange an interview with you – via one of our representatives or directly with us.   After this  interview a diagnostic test will be sent to you for completion. Your results will determine which level you should start your ESL learning at the Austin Learning Centre.

If you are in Trinidad, please come in and speak with us directly.  We look forward to meeting you!

Special Note for Venezuelan Students:

In an effort to control the outflow of foreign currency from the country, the Venezuelan Government has set up a department (called CADIVI) which must approve all international transactions involving foreign currency. Since our fees, etc. are quoted in US currency and are payable in US or TT currency, prospective students must obtain CADIVI approval for this expenditure.

The Immigration Attaché of The Embassy of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in Caracas has advised that any funds, which are paid to the Austin Learning Centre and are returnable to the student for any reason whatsoever, must be returned to a bank in Venezuela and not directly to the student in foreign currency.

All costs associated with these transactions will be for the account of the student and will include a 10% administrative fee.

Q: Why doesn’t ALC charge for housing and tuition in one package?

A: At the Austin Learning Centre we are very transparent regarding our tuition fees.

There are many different levels of housing available in Trinidad.  Different students want different things.  The Austin Learning Centre does not apply one price to each type of housing. We understand that some students may not be able to afford one general price for housing and that there is a large benefit to providing different options and different prices of housing to the students.

Q: Why doesn’t ALC charge for housing at all?

A: We realize that the student needs to be in control of their comfort levels.

We also realize that students may need the flexibility to change housing should circumstances change.

The Austin Learning Centre guides the students to the housing options that have proven best over our many years of experience.  But, to promote transparency ALC does not perform any 3rd party duties between the student and landlord.  We facilitate the language translation if there are any problems but we do not include any commission or administrative fees for housing.