ESL Courses

ESL Courses

Our courses are all offered on an on-going basis. Designed to appeal to most age groups each course offers a balanced methodology, combining the best from both traditional and more modern approaches to learning English as a Second Language. Utilizing the world around us the skills work in this course is based on news and magazine articles, biographies, short stories, radio, and songs.

You can complete the entire ESL course at our institution within one year:

1. Elementary – 1.5 months
2. Pre-Intermediate – 1.5 months
3. Intermediate – 2 months
4. Upper Intermediate – 2.5 months
5. Advanced – 2.5 months

NB: 1-2 Weeks must be allowed for examinations for each level.

Business English Course

This course we offer only from the Intermediate level to Advanced.  A proper general knowledge of the grammatical structures taught in the Elementary and Pre-Intermediate levels of our general course are required for any student wishing to do this course. The grammatical structures of the Intermediate to Advanced levels are taught with a specialty focus geared towards the professional in a corporate environment.  There are current case studies done as well as specific modules for Accounting, Marketing and Management needs.

Personal Skills Writing Course – for University entrance

Every university requires written submissions from each applicant, proving their merit over another applicant.  At the Austin Learning Centre we work with each student to strengthen these specialised writing skills.  Whichever university you wish to apply to, we focus on the requirements of the personal statements, the critical essay and resume/ CV building.


IELTS Courses for Native Speakers of English

This course is designed to equip the native speaker of English with the test-taking skills required for the IELTS examination.  A well rounded, complete approach is taken so that strategies for all sections of the test are delivered and practiced at length.

Click here for the 2015 schedule.

TOEFL & IELTS Courses for Speakers of Other Languages

At ALC we offer the TOEFL and IELTS courses to students who have completed the advanced ESL course.  These courses are 6 weeks each.

TOEFL and IELTS must be taken by:

* students wishing to enter a college or University – or sometimes a school – where English is the language of instruction

* people planning to immigrate to such countries

* people looking for training or work experience in such countries.

TOEFL is applicable in the following countries: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom and other European countries.

IELTS may also be accepted in these countries, but is a special requirement for those looking for training/ work experience, or who plan to immigrate to:  Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

Students who have not studied ESL at the Austin Learning Centre are required to complete an Entry Examination since strong proficiency in the English language is a necessity.